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Santorella Publications LTD is a music publisher selling quality printed music books. Our digital prints cover a variety of genres and instruments, including children's music coloring books.

The Love For Music

Our mission is to provide a platform for people to download an assortment of high-quality music prints. Everything we bring to our website reflects our love and passion for music.

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How It Began

It all began in 1994 when Tony Santorella decided to create a unique company highlighting product diversity and exceptional customer care. He did this with a few books and a vision to build something bigger.

How It’s Going

Tony’s commitment is what fuels us today, resulting in consistent growth even after 28 years. We feature an extensive collection of instruments, including piano, bagpipe, harmonica, recorder, guitar, etc.

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Colors of Music

We set our foundation deep with the release of The Colors of Music, More Colors of Music, Color My Band, and Color My Orchestra. Each one was a new and fun way for children to learn more about music. The printed music books are also versatile, covering a wide age range and instruments.