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The Magic Of Light Classical Fiddling For Violin Piano Accompaniment

Item # TS361
The Magic Of Light Classical Fiddling For Violin Piano Accompaniment
The Magic Of Light Classical Fiddling For Violin Piano Accompaniment
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This exciting new series for violin by Santorella Publications will bring enthusiasm to lessons, practice sessions & recitals. Veteran author & educator Larry McCabe has filled each book with wonderful arrangements that are stylistically authentic, full sounding, yet technically accessible as each arrangement is in the first position. We also offer a separate accompaniment book for each volume. Expand your artistic horizons while exploring the magic and diversity of these wonderful styles.

The Magic of Light Classical Fiddling from Santorella Publications features an assortment of classics which are unique, yet serve as the basic foundation of all future studies. Any one of these fifteen timeless standards is suitable for performance and ideally suggested for every students daily practice routine.

Muss I Denn (German Folk Song) • Little Piece (Schumann) • Melody (Schumann) • Longing for the Spring (Mozart) • Lorelei (Silcher) • Adagio from the 16th Symphony (Haydn) • Soldier’s March (Schumann) • Juanita (Spanish Melody) • Berceuse(Beaumont) • Lilacs (Kern) • Cradle Song (Hauser) • Annie Laurie(Scott) • Carnival of Venice (Benedict) • Traümerei (Schumann) • Melody in F (Rubenstein)

FOREWORD by the author, Mr. Larry McCabe
The emerging classical violinist faces many challenges, such as tuning the instrument, gripping and drawing the bow, tone production, practice management, and so forth. In addition to these hurdles, personal and social circumstances sometimes interfere with daily practice. Students can be further distracted by television, computers, and assorted technological gadgets that did not exist just a few generations ago.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy for any musician to find something to do other than practice. That is why it is important to furnish emerging musicians & hobbyists with materials that are appropriate to ability level and fun to learn. We can’t change the reality that teaching the violin is hard work. But we can make that work meaningful by assigning and practicing materials that are encouraging and rewarding.

In presenting the Emerging Violinist series, published by Santorella Publications, our goal is to bring enjoyment, variety, and encouragement to the violin lesson, practice session, recital, and fiddle contest. The books are designed for both classical violinists and fiddlers.

For example, The Magic of Light Classical Fiddling focuses on the classics, but the first-position arrangements are also wonderful for fiddlers who want to dabble in light classical playing. Similarly, The Magic of Irish Fiddling & The Magic of Appalachian Fiddling are perfect for violinists who want to explore the rich and exciting world of folk violin styles.

Music teachers will appreciate the separate piano accompaniment books as companions to the violin. The piano accompaniments are suitable for pianists in the early to intermediate grades.

Our Emerging Violinist books are supplemental song collections, not method books, so feel free to learn (or assign, if you are a teacher) the songs according to your own needs and whims. The arrangements in this book are ordered in a manner which helps to minimize page turning; do not feel obliged to approach the pieces in order of appearance.

We wish you much success and know you’ll have fun playing the wonderful arrangements found in the Emerging Violinist series published by Santorella Publications.

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