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The Magic Of Irish Fiddling with CD

Item # TS362
The Magic Of Irish Fiddling with CD
The Magic Of Irish Fiddling with CD
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This exciting series for violin by Santorella Publications has brought enthusiasm to lessons, practice sessions & recitals. Veteran author & educator Larry McCabe has filled each book with wonderful arrangements that are stylistically authentic, full sounding, yet technically accessible as each arrangement is in the first position.

This edition of Irish Fiddling has quickly risen to the top of our sales chart which is the reason we chose to add a CD to this best seller. This newly revised edition includes a CD with alternating performance & accompaniment tracks to listen learn and emulate an authentic fiddler. We also offer a separate accompaniment book, should you prefer a live pianist. Expand your artistic horizons while exploring the magic and diversity of these wonderful styles.

The Magic of Irish Fiddling with CD from Santorella Publications features an assortment of traditional fiddle tunes specifically chosen to represent an authentic Irish culture. Including Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Polkas, Mazurkas and a few unique titles that are rarely seen in print.

Every one of these twenty-one fabulous fiddle favorites will provide a fun filled performance and should be part of every violinists and especially fiddlers, daily practice routine.

Jigs; Tripping Up the Stairs • Garry Owen • Geese in the Bog / Coleraine • Dan O'Keefe's Slide • The Butterfly • Reels; St. Anne's Reel • The Wind That Shakes the Barley • Sally Gardens • Sheehan's Reel • The Musical Priest • Hornpipes; Highlands Hornpipe • The Boys of Bluehill • Off to California • Harvest Home • Stack of Wheat • Polkas; Kerry Polka • John Ryan's PoIka • Mazurkas; Sonny's Mazurka • Donegal Mazurka • Other; Carolyn's Draught • Skye Boat Song

FOREWORD by the author, Mr. Larry McCabe

For many centuries, the Irish people have been richly endowed with the gift of artistry: vividly imaginative storytelling, enchanting poetry haunting harp playing, and of course the unique, compelling sounds of Irish fiddling are all hallmarks of Irish culture.

The Magic of Irish Fiddling offers a diverse sampling of traditional Irish fiddle tunes arranged in first position for violinists and fiddlers. The authentic Irish jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and airs are timeless standards in the traditional Irish repertoire; thus, the violinist will experience the satisfying sense of connecting with an exotic, ancient culture.

Violin and fiddle teachers will find the arrangements invaluable in generating student enthusiasm, memorization skills, and music appreciation. In addition, the tunes guarantee excitement among students and parents at recitals and other special performances.

There are many ways to play the tunes: in unison; as medleys; trade parts; etc. The adaptability of the tunes makes it possible-and perfectly acceptable-for an early student to slow down a jig or reel to ballad speed (tempo markings are only suggestions). Ambitious intermediate students should be encouraged to compose melodic variations and harmony lines. It would be fun to play some of the tunes during an ‘international recital” program. Or, create your own Irish “Riverdance” performance in collaboration with a local dance studio.

Chord symbols are provided for each tune, and a companion piano accompaniment book is available as an option. If desired, pianists can easily create little introductions for the tunes; for example, begin a tune by simply playing the tonic chord (fermata). It is often possible to play the last section or phrase of a tune as a simple, compact intro.

As you can see, Irish fiddling offers abundant opportunities for flexibility and creativity. We won't go so far as to recommend the Charles Ives approach of playing two tunes in different keys at the same time, but then again you might be the adventurous type. . . . Have fun!

About the Author

Larry McCabe is a professional music teacher with over sixty published books to his credit. Larry's music method books cover blues, rock, country, and jazz guitar; banjo; autoharp; ukulele; dulcimer; mandolin; fiddle; songwriting; theory; children's books; and more.

As an amateur historian, Larry spent three years interviewing members of the Greatest Generation about their experiences during the Depression and WWII. His Pearl Harbor and the American Experience (Xlibris Pub.) contains over 160 interviews with people who recall the FDR era, their reaction to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and how their lives were impacted by the attack.

Larry lives with his wife, Becky, on an old eighteen-acre farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Larry & Becky's mutual interests include traditional music, regional history, working on their land and chasing critters through the woods with their redbone coonhound, Rufus.

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