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Teach Yourself Piano with CD

Item # 78349
Teach Yourself Piano with CD
Teach Yourself Piano with CD
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The “Traditional” manner in which most people acquire the skill to play piano is to choose a teacher, commit to lessons and spend many hours practicing. Although there is no substitute for the amount time it takes to master this instrument, we can provide an alternative to the regimented lesson format.  Teach Yourself Piano by Bob Hartz, exclusively available from Santorella Publications, was created to support learning the basics of piano on your own schedule and the instructional CD acquaints playing at a pace governed only by you.


Bob Hartz begins by presenting the basics and explaining the fundamentals in a logical manner. Additional information is provided in a methodic fashion in an attempt to build on the previously gained knowledge. Teaching yourself is challenging, but quite rewarding as you acquire the ability to read music, play chords, and apply these skills to piano.


Should you desire further study upon completion of this “self-taught” methodic approach then choosing a teacher would be the next step. To truly master the piano, it takes many years of dedicated practice, but some would like to dabble enough to simply have fun. If this endeavor is meant for recreation or you’re just in need of a refresher course, then Teach Yourself Piano is the perfect instructional guide for you.


Contents; Introduction • Some Facts of Interest • Let’s Look at the Piano • Posture & Hand Position • Layout of the Keyboard • The Grand Staff • Notes •Lesson #1 • Right Hand Exercises • Left Hand Exercises • Right & Left Hand Together • Note Values & Measures • Quarter Note Exercise • Half Note Exercise • Eighth Notes • Two Octave Melody • Rest Chart • Parallel Play • Contrary Play • Trading the Melody • Accidentals • Dynamics • Dotted Notes and Ties • Chords • Key Signatures • Circle of Fourths • Circle of Fifths • All the Notes over Four Octaves • C Major Scale • G Major Scale • Triplets & New Time • Signatures • Rhythm Review with New Note Value • Chords & Chord Symbols • Anacrusis & Pedaling • Brahms Lullaby • Staccato & Legato •Chord Reference Section


About the Author

Bob Hartz is an alumnus of HofstraUniversity. He holds a degree in Music Education, having graduated with honors in 1973. Piano, Voice and String Training are his specialties.


He has worked extensively as a free lance Bassist & Vocalist for the past 20 years, and is well known to musicians in the New York area.


Bob, who is currently involved in the Music publishing Industry, is also a Registered Craftsman Member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

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