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Teach Yourself Electronic Keyboard with CD

Item # 75561
Teach Yourself Electronic Keyboard with CD
Teach Yourself Electronic Keyboard with CD
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Electronic Keyboards are sometimes called “Home Keyboards”. This designation more accurately describes its purpose. An electronic keyboard is an instrument geared specifically to home entertainment. Most of these keyboards have the following attributes; built-in speakers, create different sounds, automated percussion & accompaniment functions that enables one to recreate various musical styles & sounds. Exact specifications of electronic   keyboards vary from each manufacturer and the capabilities of each model vary with price, but one thing is constant, learning to play “Electronic Keyboards” is certainly a lot of fun.


Teach Yourself Electronic Keyboard, exclusively distributed by Santorella Publications will teachyou the basics of reading music, playing keyboard and utilizing all the features that this “home-cooked” instrument has to offer. This logical step by step approach by Robert Moore is designed for self learning and will allow you to “Teach Yourself” how to play. Musical and technical concepts are well illustrated with over 40 songs arranged in a progressive fashion. In addition to learning the electronic keyboard, the basic knowledge gained can be applied to any musical instrument. This guide is geared towards adults and many concepts are presented in a manner that would be retained more quickly. All songs chosen are written to develop skills that can be applied to any keyboard, including synthesizers and pianos.


Teach Yourself Electronic Keyboard which includes an instructional CD, enables you to play simple popular song books or sheets, classical music, beginning repertoire and early Jazz Studies, so what are you waiting for? Here is your chance to fulfill that dream and enter that wonderful world of music. Take a moment to see the incredible amount of information you will learn from this phenomenal electronic keyboard method;


Diagram of keyboard • Definition & description of electronic keyboards • Parts of an electronic keyboard • The piano keyboard • Music reading basics • Reading music • Balancing volume levels • Phrasing • About keys • The names of the keys • Intervals • Chords • Primary chords I, IV & V7 • transpose function • Modulation • Minor keys • D.C. al Coda • Hand position • Choosing a voice or sound • Counting • Tempo • Adding a beat, start & ending functions • How to practice • Shifting the right hand • Adding a style, single finger function • Synchro start function •  Styles & time signatures • Balancing  volume  • C position fingerings, quarter notes & rests • note names on the keyboard • Half notes & rests • Repeats • Bass Clef • Whole notes & rests • G Position fingerings • Eighth notes • Fast tempo • 2/4 time • DC al Fine • The tie •  dotted half note • single eighth notes & rests • Right hand harmony • 3/4 time • Pick up notes • The dotted quarter note • 1st and 2nd endings • F position • Key of Bb • Accidentals • Right hand chords; C,F& G7 • DS al Fine • Key of G • Right hand chords; F, Bb & C7 • Right hand chords; G, C & D7 • Syncopation • Left hand chords; C & G7 • Changing hand position in a song • Eighth note triplets • Cut time • Left hand primary chords in G • Left hand primary chords in F • Sixteenth Notes • Key of D Major • dotted eighth & sixteenth pattern • Key of A minor • Key of E minor


The songs you’ll learn include; Merrily We Roll Along • Ode to Joy • Aura Lee • Bass Clef Song • Hot Cross Buns • E.Z. Rock • Jazzy Mary • Hello Haydn • 2/4 Song • That Twinkle Song • Little March • The Crazy Little Donkey • Simple Song • German Song • E.Z. Waltz • Mexican Dance • When the Saints go Marching In • Jingle Bells • Air by Mozart • Going Home • Haydn, in F • Blues in G • Chord Study • Marching Again • Mexican Dance in G • F Study • Waltz for You • Liza Jane • Lightly Row • Jolly Old St. Nicholas • All Through the Night • The Blues • March • Fill Me In • Deck the Halls • E.Z. Bossa • E.Z. Calypso • Banks of the Ohio • A Mozart Song • Rock Out • The Last Rock Song


About the author

Robert Moore is a performer, composer and educator in Port Washington, N.Y. specializing in electronic music. Mr. Moore teaches at an annual workshop in Midi & Computers at HofstraUniversity. His articles on the subject have appeared in the Music and Computer Educator, the School Music News and the Music Educators Journal. He is also the author of “A Teach Yourself Guide To Playing Electronic Keyboard”, “What is Midi and the “Complete Electronic Keyboard” method distributed by Santorella Publications. 

Mr. Moore was the New York State School Music Association Manual Chairperson for Synthesizer for many years and developed the adjudication standards and practices for the celebrated and highly regarded NYSSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival.

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