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Teach Yourself Drums

Item # 80065
Teach Yourself Drums
Teach Yourself Drums
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Throughout history, the drums have served as a tool for communication and keeping time. With roots in African tribal rituals, they have always been at the heart of the pulse. This tradition continued to grow as drums were put into new challenging musical environments. Marching drummers have kept time for war processions and public ceremonies for hundreds of years. More recently, jazz players like Baby Dodds, Philly Jo-Jones, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Jack DeJohnette, and rock drummers like Ringo Star, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart, and Vinnie Colaiuta have expanded the range and influence of drums in music and popular culture. All these great players share one common goal, to support their fellow musicians by creating a rhythmic atmosphere that gives rise to a larger musical moment.


Becoming a drummer requires a tremendous amount of technique, coordination, practice and feel. Teach Yourself Drums by Seth Goldberg brings a new approach to learning these skills by applying them directly to the drum set. Unlike conventional teaching methods, Seth will have you seated at the drum set from the very beginning. While building coordination and developing technique, you will begin to grasp the “feel” that only practice can provide. Teach Yourself Drums teaches the basics of drumming then provides numerous exercises to enhance coordination and develop good technique.


It is crucial to study and practice each exercise in sequence without skipping lessons. This educational approach is systematic, as each lesson builds on the prior one. Teach Yourself Drums, distributed exclusively by Santorella Publications, teaches full-body coordination by integrating the mind, hands and feet in service of the drum set. With a positive attitude and a love for the instrument, you too, can become a drummer. Aspiring drummers must approach their instrument with respect & always remember, “the power to control rhythm is absolute”.


Here is an example of what you’ll learn;Rhythm, Rests & Values • Buying the Drum Set • Cymbals • Drum Sticks • Setting Up the Drum Set • Holding the Sticks • Drum Notation • First Exercises; Quarter Notes • Eighth Notes • Sixteenth Notes • Combination Exercises • Dotted Notes • Triplets • Incorporating the Feet •  Rock Section •  Swing Section


About the Author
Seth Goldberg is a percussionist and teacher in the New York City area. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in music from New Paltz State and a Masters from Queens College.
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