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Teach Yourself Bass Guitar with CD

Item # 73450
Teach Yourself Bass Guitar with CD
Teach Yourself Bass Guitar with CD
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It’s very interesting that the “bass” guitar has the name that it does. The bass provides the foundation, the core, the very basis of music, both tonally and as a timekeeper. Whether electric or acoustic, bass performs the same function. In an orchestra, rock band, subtle trio, piano & bass or guitar & bass duo, the bassist must provide a solid harmonic foundation while setting a “dependable” feeling of tempo for his counterparts. It should be noted that while the bass may seem to be an “easier” instrument to learn than others, the “harmonic” and “time” demands on a good bass player makes the instrument deceptively difficult to play. No other member of a musical group must be more of a “team player”. They must “lock in” impeccable time, while simultaneously laying down the harmony for the rest of the band.


Teach Yourself Bass Guitar by Bob Hartz was written to enable an inspired individualto learn to play this “nucleus” of every ensemble. With disciplined daily practice, you will quickly grasp the use of standard and tablature notation as well as the notes in first position. Once the importance of “time” is understood, scales are introduced in assorted keys to develop right hand finger style technique.


Teach Yourself Bass Guitar exclusivelydistributed by Santorella Publications includes an extremely helpful instructional CD which provides good basic exposure to the bass guitar. This Teach Yourself title is alogical step by step approach to learning and teaching yourself at your own pace. Be sure to follow this guide in sequence since later information builds upon and utilizes facts presented earlier. Learning the bass has never been easier, so take your time, have some fun and you’ll be “gigging” before you know it!


Bass Guitar Fingerboard Chart • Parts of the Electric Bass • Tuning • Holding the Bass • Basic Notation • Bar lines, Measures & Time Signatures • Notes on the First String “G” Exercises Notes on the Second String “D” • Exercises • Rests & Note Value Table • Metronome • Notes on the Third String “A” • Exercises • Notes on the Fourth String “E” • Sharps, Flats & Naturals • Dotted Notes • Major Scales • Key Signatures • Bringing Things Together • Blues • Rock’n Roll • Shuffle Rhythm • Playing in 3/4 Time


About the Author

Bob Hartz is an alumnus of Hofstra University. He holds a degree in Music Education, having graduated with honors in 1973. Piano, Voice and String Training are his specialties.


He has worked extensively as a free lance Bassist & Vocalist for the past 20 years, and is well known to musicians in the New York area. 
Bob, who is currently involved in the Music publishing Industry, is also a Registered Craftsman Member of the Piano Technicians Guild.
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