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Schubert's Ave Maria for High Voices

Item # MV001
Schubert's Ave Maria for High Voices
Schubert's Ave Maria for High Voices
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Franz Schubert was born in Vienna in 1797. He was involved in music at an early age, learning music theory and many different instruments including piano, violin, organ and voice. During his brief but prolific life he wrote a wide variety of music. His compositions included symphonies, piano sonatas, piano duets, operas, masses, chamber works and several hundred songs. Among the hundreds of songs, the most loved and revered is Ave Maria.

Ave Maria was first published in 1826 under the German title Ellenís Gesang 111: Hymne and die Jungfrau (Ellenís Song 111: Hymn to the Virgin). The text used was taken from a novel written by Sir Walter Scott entitled ďLady of the LakeĒ. It was then translated into German as it appeared in Schubertís song. After Schubertís death in 1828, the Latin text began being used and eventually surpassed either the use of the German or English text. ďAntiphon of the Blessed VirginĒ is a text which has been used in religious contexts since the beginning of Christianity. This vocal classic was originally envisioned as a devotional piece, but over time the magnificent beauty of both music and text has made this song equally popular for secular performances.

Schubertís Ave Maria arranged for High Voice is recommended for Soprano or Tenor ranges. We have included a separate vocal line with lyrics written in Latin just above the piano accompaniment stave(s). The English translation is also included to explain this fabled story. This Minstrel Press Edition of Schubertís Ave Maria for High Voice is exclusively distributed by Santorella Publications.

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