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Santorella's Accordion Method Book 3 with CD

Item # TS219
Santorella's Accordion Method Book 3 with CD
Santorella's Accordion Method Book 3 with CD
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Santorella’s Accordion Method Book 3 completes a methodic series by Jay Latulippe and Sonny Doss that has adopted a proven approach to learning for all ages. Children, adults, beginners, novices or just as a refresher, Santorella’s course is well thought out and properly introduced in both content and presentation.

Instructional Content: Ear Training, Ear Training Blues, Verse - Chorus, Sixteenth Notes - Dotted Eighth Notes, Syncopation - Repertoire Note, Eighth Note Triplets, Lead Sheet, Fake Book Tunes, Comping, Ornaments, Bellow Shake, Left Hand Exercise, Swing Review - Glissando - Tremolo, Playing Accordion for Fun and Profit, Scales, Chords, Answer Key, Certificate of Completion. Songs include: Merry Widow Waltz, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, St. Louis Blues, and more!    

“It is a pleasure to see accordion methods and collections being published today with new approaches to learning that have not been prevalent in the accordion field. The musical examples and pieces have been selected carefully and with an authority based upon their own experiences as students, professional performers and teachers.”

“This background of personal success results in an interesting, challenging and fulfilling book for accordionists of all ages. I recommend it without hesitation as an enjoyable way of learning to play the accordion correctly and well.”

Once completed, you’ll be ready to tackle any and all of the great accordion songbooks published by Santorella Publications. Be sure to experience all the great arrangements brought to life in Jay Latulippe’s best selling collection, “101 Popular Accordion Favorites” (TS407). Now that you have a new-found skill, put it to good use and have some fun!

* Joan Cochran Sommers, Professor Emerita, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Joan C. Sommers is the teacher of more entrants qualifying for the Coupe Mondialethan than any other American accordionist and director of the famed, UMKC Accordion Orchestra.
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