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More Colors of Music: Middle School to Adult Coloring Book

Item # TS572
More Colors of Music:  Middle School to Adult Coloring Book
More Colors of Music: Middle School to Adult Coloring Book
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The next book in this exciting series has arrived!  The popularity of coloring books for the middle school aged to adult artist has become one of the faster growing recreational activities for artists of all skill levels.  It took innovation however, to marry the visual arts with music in this original concept and series, exclusively available from Santorella Publications.

Experience the high quality you've come to expect from Santorella Publications in More Colors of Music, with over 60 musical instruments from around the world depicted with intricate background patterns.  Each image is printed on heavy stock on only one side of the page to avoid bleed-through.  Printed in the larger 9 x 12 size, with lay-flat binding, the book is designed to last for years, while each page is perforated for easy removal and coloring.  Every illustration will become a one-of-a-kind original piece with your personal touch and a work of art truly suitable for framing.

The foreword from, "More Colors of Music."

"The Colors of Music" began the journey.  Artist and musicians experienced a new level of meditative creativity with over 60 familiar musical instruments to color and make their own.  "More Colors of Music" continues this journey with over 60 additional images dedicated to instruments from around the world.  This collection of unusual instruments, both past and present offers an additional cultural context, reminding us how art and music not only enable us to share cultural similarities, but also explore our differences in a way which makes the world a little smaller.


From the dawn of time, coloring has been one of the most basic forms of self-expression and is often the first creative process which many of us experience. Taking an existing image or pattern and making it our own is a uniquely personal experience. We decide which creative implements to use, perhaps crayons, pencils, or markers, and which colors to apply. As we color, we find we are in control of the entire process, limited only by our imagination, and when we are done, we have an artistic embodiment of our own personality, as unique and individual as each of us is to the other.


It makes no difference if we are relatively skilled or unskilled; we express what is in our heart and mind each and every time we set pencil to paper. As we become more experienced and skilled, we acquire the power through technique and style to more freely express what is so clear in our imagination. In time, our creations become freely expressed works of art.


Both art and music have creativity at their core. They allow the artist or musician, both young and old, to freely express feelings within while providing a sense of joy, tranquility, and meditative focus.


"The Colors of Music" and "More Colors of Music" literally remind us that art and music are "on the same page." This highly sought-after series, by Santorella Publications, will provide both the artist and musician with yet another creative channel for self-expression and individualism, as well as the opportunity for some much-needed downtown from the hard work of practicing and the rigors of everyday life.


Experience the fun and satisfaction of "The Colors of Music" and "More Colors of Music" for yourself, and turn each page to discover the endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity and relaxation, as you nurture and cultivate your inner spirit, while feeding your soul with peace, tranquility, color, and harmony.


The journey continues; have fun!

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The Colors of Music: Middle School to Adult Coloring Book
The Colors of Music: Middle School to Adult Coloring Book
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