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Let’s Play Jazz - Complete Method with CD - 4 Books in One

Item # TS399
Let’s Play Jazz - Complete Method with CD - 4 Books in One
Letís Play Jazz - Complete Method with CD - 4 Books in One
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Letís Play Jazz & More by Jay Latulippe is one of the most widely accepted and innovative approaches to be released in over a decade.  With the latest addition of Book 3, ďPlaying the Blues,Ē the entire methodical series has come together, and the ultimate goal of learning how to improvise from the very beginning has been achieved, while gaining all the necessary skills needed to become a well rounded student of piano.

Letís Play Jazz & More is not your typical, classic approach toward learning to play the piano. Its innovation and effectiveness are the result of the belief in a very simple philosophyÖ learning music is supposed to be fun! This 4 book series is ideal for use in private study as well as in a group setting. Teachers with a variety of musical backgrounds will find it easy to implement the techniques presented in this progressively different, yet educationally sound and complete piano curriculum.

About the Author, Jay Latulippe:

Jay Latulippe is the co-owner and Music Director of Letís Play Music & Make Art, an established center for music education in the New England area. He grew up in a family of many generations of musicians and music educators, and has taught countless numbers of students on a wide variety of instruments, as well as voice, theory, and composition.

Jay graduated from the University of Missouri, at Kansas City where he received a full scholarship in performance. He is an accomplished arranger and composer, and the author of over a dozen books and methodical series published by Santorella Publications.

In addition to teaching in his studios, Jay is in great demand as a clinician and keeps a busy schedule teaching students at the college level. Jay also performs routinely as a soloist with a focus on jazz, classical & popular genres.

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