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Keyboard Kids Flashcards Volume 3

Item # TS226
Keyboard Kids Flashcards Volume 3
Keyboard Kids Flashcards Volume 3
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Keyboard Kids Flashcards published by Santorella Publications are unlike any others in print. We have set the standards at a much higher level than any other publisher in this industry. Each of these three decks (Volume’s 1, 2 & 3) is constructed of 40 heavy “card stock” images. Each of these cards is contained in a hard bound book with a perforation at the inner spine which allows them to be easily removed. Rather than fumbling with loose cards and a rubber band or zip lock bag, you can keep them all neatly wrapped up in your very own hard cover edition.

Santorella’s Keyboard Kids Flashcards are much larger (5 ˝” x 8 ˝”) than any others in circulation. Santorella’s Flashcards can be easily seen from three rows deep in a classroom, like the good ole days when most of us were first introduced to our math tables. Each of these easy tear - out cards contain music symbols introduced in a logical manner and can also be rearranged in any desired rotation. Santorella’s Keyboard Kids Flashcards are a perfect tool for classroom study or one on one with Mom & Dad.

Deck Three includes the following 40 music symbols; major, minor, diminished & augmented Chords (symbols), trill, del signo (dal segno), coda, fine, da capo, C clef, sforzando, the keys of Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, D, A, E, B and there relative minor keys in Treble Clef, the keys of Bb, Eb,Ab, Db, D, A, E & B and there relative minor keys in Bass Clef, double sharp, double flat, Db, D, F# & Gb Major Chords (Triads), G & A minor chords (Triads), C7, C Major 7, D dim, G Aug & B minor 7 (b5) chords.

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