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Keyboard Kids Flashcards Volume 2

Item # TS225
Keyboard Kids Flashcards Volume 2
Keyboard Kids Flashcards Volume 2
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Keyboard Kids Flashcards published by Santorella Publications are unlike any others in print. We have set the standards at a much higher level than any other publisher in this industry. Each of these three decks (Volume’s 1, 2 & 3) is constructed of 40 heavy “card stock” images. Each of these cards is contained in a hard bound book with a perforation at the inner spine which allows them to be easily removed. Rather than fumbling with loose cards and a rubber band or zip lock bag, you can keep them all neatly wrapped up in your very own hard cover edition.

Santorella’s Keyboard Kids Flashcards are much larger (5 ˝” x 8 ˝”) than any others in circulation. Santorella’s Flashcards can be easily seen from three rows deep in a classroom, like the good ole days when most of us were first introduced to our math tables. Each of these easy tear - out cards contain music symbols introduced in a logical manner and can also be rearranged in any desired rotation. Santorella’s Keyboard Kids Flashcards are a perfect tool for classroom study or one on one with Mom & Dad.

Deck Two includes the following 40 music symbols; forte, piano, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, crescendo, decrescendo, fine bar, repeat sign, repeat measure, dotted half note, dotted quarter note, staccato, accent, legato, triplet, tie, fermata, breath mark, fortissimo, pianissimo, forte piano, triple forte, accelerando, ritardando, a tempo, allegro, andante, adagio, moderato, 1st ending, 2nd ending, grace/cue note, ottava, quadruplets, 6/8 time, slur/phrase marking, key of G & F in treble clef and key of F & G in bass clef.

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