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Joplin's Greatest Rags Originals with CD

Item # TS045
Joplin's Greatest Rags Originals with CD
Joplin's Greatest Rags Originals with CD
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Time has heard the strains of a myriad of musical styles. Some styles liven with age while others fade. The same is true of the composers themselves; some are regarded as brilliant masters from the beginning of their lives while others are praised only posthumously. Endurance is the ultimate test. Scott Joplin endured great injustices and criticism, yet he remains the “King of Ragtime”.


The “Entertainer” reached high acclaim in 1973 as the most recognizable theme from the Paul Newman and Robert Redford movie classic, "The Sting". This Academy Award-Winning film was solely responsible for the resurgence of ragtime in general, but more specifically brought renewed interest in the works of Scott Joplin. “The Maple Leaf Rag”, unlike so many others, became quite popular during Joplin’s lifetime, so much so that it was the first sheet of music to sell over one million copies. Though these two pieces are his most famous works, true Joplin enthusiasts know there is so much more to experience beyond the traditional favorites.


This 64 page collection features thirteen Joplin titles presented in chronological fashion. Begin your journey in 1899 with the “Maple Leaf Rag” and close in 1917 with the “Reflection Rag” which was published after he was laid to rest in a common grave on Long Island. This one of a kind collection displays the genius of Scott Joplin from the beginning of his career to his final days. Study the history of Ragtime Piano and witness the harmonic and rhythmic development because as Scott matured, so did his music.


The engravings are clean, accurate, distinct & clear in this best selling Santorella Publication which is also available with a complete performance CD! The Compact Disk recording is an ideal practice tool and by listening, will allow you to emulate this Ragtime Style.


Whether you are a beginner or been playing for years, Joplin’s Greatest Rags will be a perfect addition to your CD collection and performance repertoire.  

This original edition includes; Solace • Cascades • Sycamore • Entertainer • Easy Winners • Maple Leaf Rag • Elite Syncopations • Chrysanthemum • Peacherine Rag • Reflection Rag • Ragtime Dance • Nonpareil • Swipesy

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