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Jazz Blues Guitar Solos with CD

Item # TS295
Jazz Blues Guitar Solos with CD
Jazz Blues Guitar Solos with CD
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Jazz Guitar * Jazz Blues Solos by Larry McCabe published by Santorella Publications is for an experienced guitarist that has intermediate, or better, skills. The solos throughout are of performance quality and the improvisations are from a variety of standard blues tunes. Whether you are a rock, folk, country or urban blues guitarist, the solos will help you develop variety in your phrasing, improved familiarity with the fingerboard, enhanced conceptual abilities and a vastly improved ear.

Two solos are written for each tune in standard notation & tablature including basic chord symbols. The first solo defines the melody, perhaps with some decoration; the second solo shows how a jazz guitarist might “stretch out” a bit over a progression. The song selections are not confined to 12-bar blues, but would all be considered “bluesy” in flavor, or at least lend them to a bluesy interpretation. The definition of “blues” is much broader among jazz musicians than it is within the narrower parameters of rock & roll or country music.

The CD is recorded in stereo with the lead heard mainly on the right channel. Rhythm guitar and drums accompany the lead. Switching the balance to the left channel will reduce the lead considerably and enable you to play your own solos over the chords and accompaniment.

Many jazz musicians feel that knowing a song’s lyrics helps capture the proper mood. Thus, the first-verse lyrics included may help to “ring a bell” and enable you to recall a particular song. Keep in mind that lyrics, much like chords and solos, should not be considered definitive. Jazz music is rooted in folk music, therefore any tune treated as a jazz piece will naturally lend itself to many possible interpretations. Jazz Blues Solos from Santorella Publications will provide suggested ideas and an assortment of alternatives to be taken into consideration.

Alberta Careless Love Corrine, Corrina Every Night When the Sun Goes In Hesitation Blues Jada Lonesome Road Make Me a Pallet on the Floor Nobody’s Business St. James Infirmary Sporting Life Blues Willie the Weeper

FOREWORD by the author, Mr. Larry McCabe
The original country blues of the late nineteenth century was guitar-based music, rustic but deeply soulful in flavor, played by itinerant black musicians who traveled the Southland singing and playing for tips at country stores, turpentine camps, and Saturday night fish fries.

When the rooster crowed and the sun cast its rays on the cotton fields and canebrakes, the blues picker would hop a freight and move on, cautiously, to the next levee town, cotton town, or rail yard, hoping again for the good fortune of some loose change, a sip of mule kick, and maybe even a good-time gal or two.

Later, in the years before the First World War, blues music was introduced in vaudeville tent shows and theaters, where it exhibited a stylistic broadening under the influence of composers like Clarence Williams, Spencer Williams and W.C. Handy. In the early 1920s recorded blues music became the latest rage, and by this time the exciting new ideas of Louis Armstrong and other sophisticated pioneers of improvisation had been incorporated into the blues language.

Blues and jazz music are versatile and adaptable art forms that allow the blending of the old and new. This book features a set of timeless blues standards – many of which were played and sung by blues and jazz trailblazers – interpreted in the modern electric guitar solo style that had its genesis in the early 1930s.

I have enjoyed preparing the arrangements and know that you will enjoy playing them.

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