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How to Play Ukulele with CD

Item # TS260
How to Play Ukulele with CD
How to Play Ukulele with CD
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How To Play Ukulele by Larry McCabe published by Santorella Publications, is a beginner’s guide to the soprano ukulele, C tuning. This best selling acoustic string method features easy-to-read tablature with helpful diagrams and a “quick source” chord dictionary.

This simple step-by-step approach from Santorella Publications will not only teach you numerous ukulele solos, but how to accompany songs with many different accompaniment patterns with standard, most commonly used, chord progressions.

Songs for Strumming & Singing; Juanita • Aloha Oe • Gentle Annie • All the Pretty Little Horses • Careless Love • The Sidewalks of New York • Five Foot Two • In the Good Old Summertime • I’ll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time • Indiana

Solos; Green Grow the Lilacs • Steal Away • La Cucaracha • Corrine, Corrina • Michael, Row the Boat Ashore • Cripple Creek • The Minstrel Boy

FOREWORD by the author, Mr. Larry McCabe
For me, the ukulele conjures up images of soothing or festive Hawaiian music; the 1920’s; and the late Arthur Godfrey. Perhaps these various impressions certify the Uke as a uniquely versatile instrument, because there are arguable unambiguous, even substantial, differences between Polynesian serenades, the Roaring ‘20’s, and the laid-back, affable Godfrey.


Some readers might be too young to know anything about pineapple music, the F. Scott Fitzgerald era, and Uke-strumming television hosts from the 1950’s. But I trust many of you are familiar with Tiny Tim, the strange, ukulele-wielding hippie who came from out of nowhere 1968 with a recycle of “Tip Toe Thru the Tulips with Me,” a 1929 novelty number that captured perfectly the loose, devil-may-care mood of the decade leading up to the Big Crash.


After taking all this Uke history into account, few would fail to concede that the diminutive instrument is indeed an adaptable, steadfast little creature, magnificently suited to evoke the sights and sounds of various times and places. And once we have tossed Tiny Tim into the mix, one realizes that the ukulele infinitely threatens to hit the big time once again.


This means that it is entirely possible for a Jimi Hendrix of the Uke to emerge from the woodwork someday to mesmerize millions of fist-pumping “Ukeheads” with his instrumental pyrotechnics and frenzied stage antics. Wonder if his four-stringer will be hooked up to a towering stock of fusion-splitting amplifiers?


Please let me live long enough to witness the excitement.


I’m not going to sit in the front row though; those plastic strings are going to smell awful after Jimi II burns up that poor little ukulele at the end at the concert.

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