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How To Play Autoharp with CD

Item # TS261
How To Play Autoharp with CD
How To Play Autoharp with CD
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How To Play Autoharp by Larry McCabe is “The #1 autoharp method for students of all ages.” This best selling Autoharp method published by Santorella Publications contains clear, logical lessons for beginners with lots of different strumming patterns.

Helpful diagrams & historical photos are included along with 22 easy yet lively arrangements of all your great old time standards. This simple step-by-step “no-nonsense” approach from Santorella Publications will have you playing Autoharp in no time. Have some fun with this great acoustic stringed instrument today.

Down in the Valley (C Major) • Goodbye, Old Paint (C Major) • Dark Hollow (C Major) • Michael (C Major) • Way Downtown (C Major) • The Joys of Love (G Major) • Jesse James (G Major) • Two Dollar Bill (G Major) • America (G Major) • Amazing Grace (D Major) • Bury Me Not On The Lone Praire (D Major) • Juanita (D Major) • I Am A Pilgrim (D Major) • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (F Major) • Midnight Special (Blues in C) • Stagger Lee (Blues in G) • Rising Sun Blues • Joe Turner (Blues in A) • Careless Love (Blues in F) • Shady Grove (A minor) • Pretty Little Horses (D minor) • Sinner Man (E minor)

FOREWORD by the author, Mr. Larry McCabe
I’m pretty sure that my first exposure to the autoharp came during a Maybelle Carter performance on one of those old black and white country TV programs in the early 60’s. Maybe it was the Porter Wagoner show. Maybelle, of course, would have been performing a wonderful country standard, perhaps “Keep on the Sunny Side,” or a touching hymn like “Anchored in Love,” with her three pretty and talented daughters. I remember that the image of Mother Maybelle strumming her autoharp left a distinctly favorable impression.


When I first saw Maybelle on television, I was not yet old enough to bum around music stores manhandling musical instruments I couldn’t afford to purchase. But later, when John Sebastian brought the autoharp to the notice of the folk-rock world in the mid ‘60’s, my curious friends and I had advanced to loitering age, so we trudged down to our local music emporium and banged out a few chords on the dusty, out-of-tune autoharp that we had liberated from a big glass display case.


Naturally, we didn’t have sufficient capital, either individually or collectively, to adopt the instrument, but the ease of strumming the chords to “Early Morning Rain” and Stewball” gave us great artistic confidence, and we all probably imagined a resemblance to Bob Dylan the next morning while inspecting our juvenile mugs in the mirror for the anxiously anticipated sideburn growth that was, once again, disappointingly absent.


At that point in history, we were chopping out songs like “I am a Rock” and “You Were on My Mind” and “Catch the Wind,” things we heard on the radio. Later, we who remained involved discovered theCarter Family, A.P., Sara & Maybelle, and we learned that Sara had brought the autoharp out of the Appalachian Mountains to national prominence in the late 1920s.


Sara Carter, Maybelle Carter & John Sebastianeach helped to hook countless devotees on the sounds of the autoharp, and many of these “students” took the instrument to technical levels deemed impossible during the hootenanny revival. Still, you don’t have to be a virtuoso to make good music on the autoharp, for its pleasant ringing tone is a joy to hear, even when it is played simply.


It is our sincere hope that this book will help you get acquainted with this wonderful instrument that will surely become your dear companion in the years ahead.

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