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Exceptional Classics For Piano Book 2 (Originals)

Item # TS028
Exceptional Classics For Piano Book 2 (Originals)
Exceptional Classics For Piano Book 2 (Originals)
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Exceptional Classics for Piano Level II is a natural progression from Book 1 which was designed for the beginning pianist. Level II features well-known pieces from a variety of composers selected for the advanced elementary and intermediate level pianist. Like its predecessor, strict attention has been given to the editing of this collection.


The editor, Jonathon Robbins, has provided the student with necessary articulations and fingerings that will aid him or her in developing their own interpretation. Extensive research has been done to ensure that, while assisting the student, he did not over-edit the pieces. In fact, many of the pieces are presented as the composer originally intended, without interpretation. The importance of the selected works can not be over stated. This compilation published by Santorella Publications is a must for every progressing student of piano.


Minuet, Handel The Happy Farmer (Op.68, No.10), Schumann Ballade, Bergmuller Sonatina in C (Op.36, No.1), Clementi Prelude (Op.28, No.7), Chopin The Wild Horseman, Schumann Waltz (Op.12, No.2), Grieg Minuet In G, Beethoven Prelude (Op.28, No.4), Chopin Fantasie in E Minor, Telemann Sonata in C (Allegro), Mozart Courante in F Major, Handel Prelude, Purcell Moonlight Sonata (Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia), Beethoven Prestissimo (Sonata, Op.17, No.2), J.C. Bach Two Part Invention, J.S. Bach Consolation (Op.30, No.3), Mendelssohn Moment Musica (Op.94 No.3), Schubert Two Part Invention, J.S. Bach
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