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Exceptional Classics For Piano Book 1

Item # TS020
Exceptional Classics For Piano Book 1
Exceptional Classics For Piano Book 1
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This unique collection contains 46 classical masterpieces from over 20 of the world’s greatest composers. It eliminates the need for multiple teaching sources since all the most popular pieces are contained within one book. Arranged by Jonathon Robbins in the order of difficulty, the pieces work with a student, gradually increasing the level of difficulty as the student’s ability progresses. Great care has gone into the layout, as a page turn is rarely necessary.

Since its release in 1996, this book has been a required text and preferred adjudicators choice of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) and now used by students across the entire country. Exceptional Classics For Piano by Santorella Publications has proven to be an extraordinary collection and sets the groundwork for disciplined students to tackle the challenge of the original masterworks in Exceptional Classics Level II.

Includes the following easy original classics; Waves, Bela Bartok • A Game, Dmitri Kabalevsky • Melody, Friedrich Baumfelder • The Lost Doll, Bela Bartok • March, Dmitri Shostakovich • Minuet, Jean Philippe Rameau • Mountain Song, Ferdinand Beyer • Peasant Song, Bela Bartok • Minuet, • Johann Krieger • The Music Box, Hermann Berens • Allegro, Joseph Haydn • The Fair, Carl Czerny • A Little Song, Dmitri Kabalevsky • Russian Folk Song, Ludwig Van Beethoven • Minuet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Old Dance Tune, Henry Purcell • Vagabond’s Song, Bela Bartok • Musette, Johann Sebastian Bach • Sicilian Mariner’s Hymn, Muzio Clementi • The Organ Grinder, Vladimir Rebikoff • Minuet, Johann Sebastian Bach • Country Dance, Ludwig Van Beethoven • Ecossaise, Ludwig Van Beethoven • Gavotte, George Frederic Handel • Humming Along, Bela Bartok • Minuet, Johann Sebastian Bach • Fairy Tale, Dmitri Shostakovich • Soldier’s March, Robert Schumann • Arietta, Joseph Haydn • Sonatina, Ludwig Van Beethoven • Sarabande, Arcangelo Corelli • Melody, Robert Schumann • Presto, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Minuet, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach • Waltz, Franz Schubert • Minuet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Musette, Johann Sebastian Bach • Toccatina, Dmitri Kabalevsky • Minuet, George Frederic Handel • Little Prelude, Johann Sebastian Bach • Sonatina, Dimitri Kabalevsky • March, Johann Sebastian Bach • Andante, Wolfgang Mozart • Polonaise, Johann Sebastian Bach • Russian Song, Peter Iljitch Tchaikovsky • Romanze, Ludwig van Beethoven.

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