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Classics To Jazz Highlights with CD

Item # TS154
Classics To Jazz Highlights with CD
Classics To Jazz Highlights with CD
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The Classics to Jazz collection published by Santorella Publications features some of the most popular masterworks from four of the greatest musical geniuses in history. Each piece is first presented in its original form and then on the following page, it is arranged with a Jazz feel. The Classics to Jazz series is a great educational tool for the advancing pianist making the transition from Classical studies to the exciting world of Jazz Piano.

These curiously irresistible melodies arranged & edited by Jonathon Robbins will grab you as soon as you begin to play. Fun and exciting, these pieces will become the most played tunes in your library. The “Complete Highlights” features the works of Carl Czerny, Charles Hanon, Johann Sebastian Bach & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This late intermediate to advanced text is a “must have” – “must study” assortment of challenging crossover pieces for those who would like to get some fun back into their practice sessions.

The Classics to Jazz * Complete Highlight Edition published by Santorella Publications includes a performance CD. Each classic exercise and jazz piece is played “up to tempo” by Craig Stevens on an acoustic baby grand. This Craig Stevens performance is truly remarkable! All we can say is “Wow” and so too, will you! These “four fabulous sections” include:

Johann Sebastian Bach: Bouree in E Minor • Minuet in G • March in D • Corrente • Minuet in G Minor • Little Prelude *(derived from the masterworks of J. S. Bach)

Carl Czerny: Exercise No. 1 • 15 • 20 • 22 • 25 • 34 • 37 • 42 • 59 • 63 • 70 *(derived from Czerny’s 160 Eight-measure Exercises)

Charles L. Hanon: Exercise No. 1 • 2 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 8 *(derived from Hanon’s Sixty Exercises for the Virtuoso Pianist)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Andante • Larghetto • Minuet in G • Minuet in D • Minuet in F • Minuet in C * (derived from the masterworks of W. A. Mozart)

Most every young pianist begins their training with Classical studies. Development of proper technique cannot be over-emphasized. This development is aided by utilizing the existing works of many great composers. In order to express themselves musically, young pianists must be guided through hours of repetitive study to develop correct hand positioning and proper phrasing. As the serious piano student progresses, it is quite normal that they seek other challenging styles with which to experiment.

There is certainly an abundance of Classical and Jazz literature to keep studies interesting, but few publications strive to blend the two. When experimenting with a new style, the student usually faces a learning curve. The musician must now step back and listen, to appreciate the usefulness of the scales and arpeggios that he or she has played for so long.

Classics to Jazz allows the serious student to make a smooth transition from Classical to Jazz studies. Each piece is written in standard notation identical to the original work. Then we embellish the Classic to a “point of no return”, which would make even the greatest Jazz pianist take notice. This Santorella Publication is not meant for the unprepared musician. It pushes the dedicated student to the edge, encouraging them to advance with every page-turn.

The whole approach abolishes the barrier that has separated the two genres. Many educators are fearful that expanding into Jazz studies translates into abandonment of the students’ Classical background and technique. On the contrary, Santorella’s Classics To Jazz seriesemphasizes the importance of Classical literature by displaying the original piece, followed by a Jazz rendition. This allows the student to concentrate their efforts on the Classical piece prior to attempting the Jazz arrangement. Only after successful completion of the Classical piece should the student advance to the challenging Jazz Piano version. Educators will praise the approach and adore the results. If by hard work and practice, a young pianist can play through Classics to Jazz, then he or she will have certainly surpassed the abilities of their peers.

Currently available in five editions, the Classics to Jazz series from Santorella Publications is just getting started. Jazz Bach, Jazz Czerny, Jazz Hanon and Jazz Mozart are sold separately, but a sampling of each can be found in our Jazz Highlights Edition. The featured composers were not chosen in any specific order and therefore can be studied in any sequence.

We feel that each composer is as important as the next; having his own set of strengths making them unique. From Bach, father of Classical Music, to Czerny, master of Characteristic study, to Hanon, creator of the bible text for piano technique, these books are exceptional texts for every serious student and the beginning of an expanding series to be praised and reveled by all.

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