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Chord Chemistry for Guitar

Item # 69149
Chord Chemistry for Guitar
Chord Chemistry for Guitar
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Chord Chemistry For Guitar distributed by Santorella Publications is not intended for the beginner. Knowledge of basic scale and fingerboard structure is assumed. The information provided will help the guitarist achieve two primary goals: understand conceptually how a given chord is constructed & how this conceptual understanding may be practically applied to the fingerboard.


Each chord section explains the theory and structure of a given chord quality. These chords are written in standard notation and tablature. The tablature examples are not meant to be played, but merely to show the location on the fingerboard as an aid to the musician with limited note-reading skill. All musical examples are meant to be studied with the use of standard notation. The series of guitar frames or chord box diagrams following the theory sections displays the fingerings and fingerboard positions of each given chord. Once theory is clearly understood, the use of the guitar frames are used to apply the theory to performance. 

To follow is an idea of what’s in store for the guitarist;Major Scale Construction & Key Signatures • Circle Of Fifths • Intervals • Basic Triads • Guitar Tuning & Fingerboard Chart • Chord Chart Explanations • Major Triads • Minor Triads • Diminished Triads •Augmented Triads • Seventh Chords • Major Seventh Chords • Dominant Seventh Chords • Minor Seventh Chords • Half Diminished Seventh Chords • Diminished Seventh Chords • Seventh Chords With Flatted Fifths • Seventh Chords With Raised Fifths • Seventh Chords With Suspended Fourths • Minor Chords With Major Sevenths • Sixth Chords • Major Sixth Chords • Minor Sixth Chords • Major Ninth Chords • Major Chords With Added Ninths • Dominant Ninth Chords • Minor Ninth Chords • Minor Chords With Major Sevenths & Ninths • Dominant Seventh Chords With Minor Or Flatted Ninths • Minor Seventh Chords With Minor Or Flatted Ninths • Dominant Ninth Chords With Flatted Fifths • Dominant Ninth Chords With Raised Fifths • Dominant Seventh Chords With Augmented Ninths • Major Sixth Chords With Added Ninths • Minor Sixth Chords With Added Ninths • Dominant Eleventh Chords • Minor Eleventh Chords • Augmented Eleventh Chords • Major Ninth Chords With Augmented Elevenths • Major Ninth Chords With Flatted Thirds & Augmented Elevenths • Major Sixth Chords With Added Ninths & Augmented Elevenths • Dominant Thirteenth Chords

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